Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage & Healing

Krisztina provides a unique and effective body & soul work to connect people with their pure essence, their beauty and their own wisdom whilst receiving an effective, deep and firm but nurturing massage treatment. Her sessions include a wide range of highly effective massage techniques together with powerful Energy Healing tools to provide the most effective massage treatments possible.

Next to the physical, thorough attention is paid to problems on the emotional level, which provides clients with an optional addition to their treatmens, called Theata-DNA-Healing. This is to lift and shift negative emotional blocks, fearful approaches and limiting beliefs that get stuck in the cells, tissues and muscles, which can cause various muscular imbalances and aches & pains in the body. The healing doesn’t stop there, as it also moves on to re-empower the body and the mind to function to its optimum health.

Krisztina has a loving and passionate approach to alternative health and healing, supported with travels and studies in India and Thailand, during which she gained valubale knowledge at the body-mind connection. Since 2005, her pactice has been continuously expanding not just with clients, but with more in-depth experience to help people reconnect with their strenth and health on every level.


 Experience of Deep Senses (1, 1.5 or 2 hours)

Krisztina’s Signature Treatment, to listen to what’s going on within you

This effective and liberating treatment is to melt away layers of physical and emotional pressure and stress. It is a Remedial Deep Tissue & Neuromuscular Massage mixed with Hot Stones and Energy Healing. Achy and tired muscles release detailed, firm, hands-on body work with the use of pressure points to release spasm and tension. The Hot Stones offer comfort on the problem areas by reducing pain, and connecting you with the Earth energies. The blissful floating sensation of energy healing takes weight off of the soul for you to feel lighter.

Theta Healing (optional) can be used to release and heal the corresponding emotional issues that contributed to the physical problems in the first place.


Balance, Inner Strength, Clarity, Positivity and Over-all Well-being

 Remedial Deep Tissue & Neuromuscular Massage (1, 1.5 or 2 hours)

Indulge your tired body in this firm body massage to melt away your achy muscles and let the tight, painful, knotted areas release through the detailed body work. It brings an immense feeling of satisfaction, balances the free energy flow of the system, alleviates pain and enhances the body s health. It is detoxifying by increasing the speed by which the cells of the body eliminate their waste materials.


Releases lactic acid and other metabolic wastes
Releases muscular tension, strains and knots
Helps the blood flow, blood circulation and lymphatic circulation
Balances the nervous system
Reduces physical and emotional stress
Rejuvenates the body by allowing it to absorb more oxygen
Improves skin texture
Balances emotional state and helps to deal with the daily challenges

 Hot Stone Massage (1, 1.5 or 2 hours)

Hot stone massage is an honoured ritual, which helps to renew the sweetness of life. It is a gift from nature. A big hug from mother earth which enhances our awareness and brings us closer to our true essence. This massage is highly detoxifying, purifying, healing, strengthening and rejuvenating by maintaining balance.
It is also a wonderful tool for letting go emotionally.

Physical Benefits:

Helps the lymphatic circulation, thereby it’s highly detoxifying and cleansing
Deep relaxation of muscles, helps to alleviate stress and tension
Increases blood circulation /blood flow for optimum body functioning
Aids the central nervous system
Improves the skin texture

Psychological Benefits:

Encourages the removal of negative energies . stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, negative thinking, etc.
Strengthens the chakras
Feeling of blissfulness
Feeling of security and safety
Feeling of being in touch

 Thai Yoga Massage (1, 1.5 or 2 hours)

This ancient art of healing works with rhythmic massage techniques and pressure points, it stretches out the muscles and realign the bone structure by gentle twisting. It increases flexibility, releases both deep and superficial tension, and helps the body's natural energy to flow more freely. It is carried out on a mat on the floor in comfortable fully clothing.


Releases points of tension in the body which block the natural flow of energy, inducing balance and harmony
Increases energy and releases stress
Increases flexibility and range of motion
Assists alignment and posture
Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
Strengthens the internal organs
Relieves pain
Improves neurological functioning and assists in relieving degenerative conditions associated with the aging process
Promotes inner peace and a quiet mind

 Knot Release (30 minutes)

This 30 minutes quick session is focused on one particular area or issue in the body to release muscular aches & pains, and discomfort together with the physical & energetic block.

Back massage
Neck, shoulders and head
Legs and calves
Hips, glutes and lower back
Arms and wrists
Stomach and digestion

 Theta Healing (1 or 1.5 hours)

Theta Healing is by far the most powerful healing technique in our life today. It is an alternative healing method which is grounded in quantum physics, which allows you to change easily, quickly and permanently. It uses the body’s electrical and magnetic field together with the muscles to access the subconscious mind to identify and then shift negative programs and limiting beliefs from our system that blockes us from health, balance and well-being and blocks us from fulfilling our potential and purpose. This healing modality uses Theta brain wave, which is the most powerful state of the brain for healing. A fantastic addition to any of the treatments.

 Energy Medicine – Reiki (1 or 1.5 hours)

This comforting and beautiful energy healing works with vital energy resources of the Universe. It is a hands-on-healing to restore the flow of energy in the system all on the physical, psychological and emotional plain. This helps to rebalance the organs and restore vitality and longevity on every level.



0.5 hours – £40
1 hour      - £65
1.5 hours –  £95
2 hours    – £125

Krisztina Karanyicz

In her complex treatments Krisztina uses Neuro-muscular and Deep Tissue techniques to strip away layers of tension, knots and accumulated waste products and emotional stress.

It works with firm pressure, cross fibre techniques and pressure points to re-train the muscular and nervous system to let go.